Who Is The Church Looking For?

God has called men of just about every personality to be priests, from fiery spirits like St. Peter and St. Paul to quiet men like St. John and St. Francis of Assisi. He has called fishermen, scholars, farmers, writers, noblemen, commoners, doctors, lawyers, slaves, soldiers, and tax collectors. We have seminarians who joined our program right after high school and others who were in TV sales and chemical engineering. You name the background; God has called priests from it to serve him.

Sometimes you may be surprised by whom God calls, especially if he calls you.  You may think, "God, you know me. You know what a sinner I am. You know my weaknesses. You don't really want me to be a priest; there are other men who are much holier than me. Why don't you call them?" But of course God does not need advice about his choices. In his divine wisdom, he calls those whom he wants.

For more information on discernment, please contact Vocations Director Father Ross Parker, 515-237-5050.