Your Support

Your support is critical to ensuring that we have well formed, faith-filled, pastoral priests to serve the people of God in central and southwest Iowa for many years to come.

First, please pray the diocesan vocations prayer (in English or Spanish). Never underestimate the power of prayer!

Second, if you know of a young man who you think would make a good priest, let him know!  Many of our seminarians say someone in their parish told them they'd make a good priest years before they actually applied for the seminary. You could be planting a seed that bears much fruit in the years to come.

Third, join organizations that support seminarians. Some local groups include the Serra Club of Des Moines, the Serra Club of Council Bluffs and the Knights of Columbus.

Last, we invite you to consider making a financial gift to the education and formation of our seminarians.  You can make a gift online (be sure to designate vocations), contact Des Moines Diocese Vocations Director Father Ross Parker, 515-237-5050, to ask about specific needs of seminarians, or talk with Maureen Kenney, diocesan director of stewardship, about various investment tools you can use to help seminarians now or years down the road. It costs, on average, about $30,000 annually to educate a seminarian and seminarians require four years of theology classes. We have eighteen seminarians in various stages of formation. Every gift is a contribution to the spiritual well-being of our parishioners years down the road.

We are tremendously grateful for all that you do, whether it's hands-on project assistance, financial contributions or prayer. Thank you! ! !