Deacon Rodrigo Mayorga Landeros

2021-22: Theology IV
St. Paul Seminary, St. Paul, MN

When I was six years old one of my favorite pastimes was planting jalapeno and cilantro seeds. I also enjoyed cutting all kinds of plants and planting them next to each other at the expectancy of new and weird creations. I would also mix the pollen from different small flowers attempting to create new ones. I was a curious boy.

One day my mom told me a story, a story of how God had created all plants and living things. She said plants were manna stored in a shell that when planted and fed water, sprouted leaves and a stem and later created new manna. Through her words and story, I depicted yellow powder preserved inside the seeds which later appeared as pollen. I then wondered if I could actually create something new considering God had already created them as they were.

She proceeded by saying that God had a plan for all of us, a perfect plan and since he created it, it was correct. As for the seeds, they too play a role, the role of creation of God. At that instant she planted a seed in me, constantly wanting to sprout but oppressed, but I knew, a seed unless rotten will eventually sprout. The preserved manna in the seed was not pollen but a plan, fed by faith and words.

It was March 13, 2013, my birthday. I was paying special attention to the news that day, and then I saw what I had been waiting for. A new pope had been elected, Pope Francis. For the rest of the day, classes, academics and teachers were deprioritized. I spent the rest of my birthday searching everything about the new pope and watching live broadcasts from Vatican City. March 13, 2013 was definitely a life-changing day. I finally decided to pursue God's plan; a plan that had been sprouting for a long time. I decided to become a priest.