Deacon Reed Flood

2020-21: Theology IV
Pontifical North American College, Vatican City

"Every good man should discern God's calling." Whenever my friends would ask me questions regarding the seminary or priesthood I would respond in this way. Priests are a necessity for God's grace to percolate through humanity. We live in a world where Catholicism is becoming increasingly countercultural. The church needs strong men to both defend and bolster her people. Priests shepherd the Lord's flock and protect it from surrounding danger. A constant spiritual warfare wages between good and evil; priests operate on the frontlines of this battle. This is why the world needs priests.

My decision to enroll into the seminary and explore the possibility of priesthood stems from my desire to discover God's calling for me. It's God's wish for every person to become the best version of themselves. In the book Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly, we learn the definition of a Saint is a person who has become the best version of his or herself. I'm not exactly sure where my pilgrimage will lead me in life, but I am certain it's God's will for me, and every person, to become a Saint. Sainthood is simply the expectation for every person, not an unachievable aspiration. The seminary will help me in my path to become the best version of myself. I believe it will give me order and direction which I could not find otherwise on a college campus.

I plan to enter the seminary because I strive to discover where God is calling me in life. I'm not sure if my vocation will lead me to the priesthood or the married life. I do; however, realize I will become a far greater man for entering the seminary. I aspire to achieve greatness in the only thing worthy of greatness; holiness. I firmly believe the seminary houses the ideal conditions for discovering my vocation. "Every good man should discern God's calling." If God wills it, I intend to discover my calling while discerning in the seminary.