Pray for vocations!

Pray for Vocations!

Everyone can help ensure that we have priests in the future by encouraging young men who would make good priests to consider whether they are called to that vocation. We can also pray for young men and women to hear and answer their call to religious life. 

Vocations Prayer  and Vocations Prayer in Spanish

Vocation Holy Hour booklet

Weekly Prayers of the Faithful for Vocations - Cycle A (2023)

Monthly Prayer Intentions for Vocations

"Pray for our seminarians" Poster and Poster in Spanish

Send a note of prayerful support to our seminarians!

Diocese of Des Moines Vocations Prayer 

Lord Jesus Christ, Beloved Son of the Father,
give to the people of our Diocese hearts open
to the call of your Holy Spirit to holiness and abundant life.

As baptized persons, help us work together 
to nurture a Culture of Vocations, 
founded on families where spouses lay down their lives 
for one another and for their children.
Heal the wounds that broken marriages and 
other weakening of trust and hope can cause.

Inspire our young people to make a glad gift of themselves
as they listen, discern, and boldly pursue 
the Spirit's prompting in their hearts.

Enable parents, siblings, relatives and peers
to rejoice and give thanks when they witness in others 
a call to directly serve your Church.

May the parishes of Southwest Iowa
who accompany our young people,
support them as they pursue the path to priesthood,
diaconate, consecrated life, and lay ministry.

Teach us to help bear and lighten one another's yoke,
to embrace poverty of spirit, 
fortitude in the face of trials,
and to know the peace that only Christ can give.

Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, and St. Pius X, 
patrons of our Des Moines Diocese,
pray for us.    Amen!