Nick Smith

2017-18: College Senior
St. John Vianney Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota

The thought of being a priest was not really on my mind as I went through grade school and the first couple years of high school. Sure, people would tell me that I had some of the qualities of a priest and all the other comments that go with that. But it was always a pie-in-the-sky, outside idea that I never gave much consideration. 

This changed my junior year of high school. During a benediction and adoration session one night, I felt a desire creep into my heart that I had never really experienced before: to stand in the priest's shoes and be the one ministering to the people and celebrating the sacraments and everything else that goes along with being a priest. I put the thought away for a couple months, but I came back to it later and still found that desire to open to God's priesthood very much alive. I went on praying and discerning for the remaining 8-9 months of my junior year and into that summer before I asked Father Pins to apply for seminary. 

Through the application process and for the rest of my senior year of high school, I have simply wanted to be open to the Lord's will. I can't say that I know exactly what that is yet. If it is for me to be a priest, I want to say yes to that; if it is for me to be a lay man, I will be the best lay man I can be. Through the example of many priests, my own family, and friends, I have come to see the beauty in both. The college seminary is a great place to begin to discern what God is calling me to be. I have come to see that through my brother seminarians older than me who I saw say "yes" to going to seminary while they were in high school. For my personal journey, I simply want to keep being open to God because I know His plan will make me happy. Thank you to everyone in the diocese praying for seminarians. Please keep them up because they are working in ways that will one day bear abundant fruit!