Para obtener más información acerca de las vocaciones al sacerdocio , al diaconado, y a la vida religiosa en la Diócesis de Des Moines , por favor póngase en contacto con 

Mayra C. Moriel de Banuelos
Coordinador del Ministerio Hispano

Father Chris Reising

The Hispanic presence in the Church in the US is growing tremendously. In our country, 38% of all Catholics and 54% of all Catholics under the age of 25 are Hispanic. This is a great blessing and presents a number of challenges. Currently, Hispanics make up only 6% of our priests. There is a real need to promote Hispanic religious vocations for both Spanish and English-speaking Hispanic communities (70% of all US Hispanics are not immigrants). How is the Church in your community reaching out to young Hispanics and helping to create a culture of vocations in the family and the parish?

For resources to help your parish promote, Hispanic vocations please visit the USCCB vocations website.