Dominic Nguyen

2022-23: Pastoral Year

My name is Dominic Hiep Nguyen. My home parish is St. Peter Vietnamese Community Church. I am from Vietnam, and I came to the U.S. with my family in 2010. The idea of priesthood came into my life when I was very young - around seven years old. I still remember when I prayed with my aunt, a nun, and she taught me how to pray to God: "Lord, if you choose me, please show me your sign and use me as your instrument." After that time, I felt like I had a calling.

When I grew up, the idea of the priesthood never left my mind. When I was twelve years old, I joined the Altar boy group. At that time I had a chance to assist the priest at the altar, as well as learn about the vocation of the priesthood. Two years later, when I was fourteen, my family moved to the U.S. In the U.S., I had to learn about culture and language to adapt to living. It is so difficult for me, but I know God is always with me and helps me pass over the difficulties. I graduated high school in 2014 and attended college right after that. While in college, I was invited to an Andrew Dinner by my pastor where I met Fr. Ross Parker, who is the vocation director of the Diocese. I was able to talk to him and keep in touch with him for seminary formation. I got a degree from college in 2020 and am now excited to attend St. Pius X Seminary for two years of Pre-Theology and to continue to discern my vocation.

At seminary, I can grow and find out my true calling. Also, I will be closer to God through prayer. God is providence, and he already has a plan for me. If God is calling me to become his disciple, here I am, Lord. Please use me as your instrument. I will be your disciple and follow you to help other people.