Christopher Grow

2018-19: Theology II

Saint Paul Seminary, St. Paul, MN

I have been discerning a vocation to Holy Orders/ religious life since I was a senior in high school. Growing up with a lot of religious influence from my grandmother and being active in my home parish, the idea of being a priest did not seem very foreign to me. The thought of pursuing seminary would stay or be absent from my mind for months at a time, or it would enter and leave my mind in the same day. Discernment truly was a roller coaster despite the fact that somehow, deep down, I always knew that, eventually, I would give seminary a try.

To me, being a priest has many positives that I find in my daydreams: celebrating the sacraments, giving homilies, being able to help others. Having thoughts of the potential "future-priest-me," I see myself finding a great sense of joy in knowing that I can devote my life to helping people through the sacraments, through homilies, through different spiritual/life advice, by simply being present, and, most importantly, by bringing everyone around me closer to Christ. All of this brings me a sense of hope, for I know that my greatest joy is helping others and bringing others the joy of Christ.

It is this pursuit of actively discerning my vocation that I enter the seminary. I yearn for joy and fulfillment; and I hope that I can find them, through the seminary, in the priesthood.